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Universidade de Évora

  • EURAXESS Centre
  • Coverage Area: Regional
  • Palácio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva
  • Évora, 7002-554
  • Portugal

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The University of Évora has a clear aim: to open the University to the world and the world to its students . And this can be done through several ways. Establishing or consolidating partnerships  with other public and private, national and international institutions, specially focusing on the regional dimension. In fact, we believe that it is from the synergies that are created with the region, answering to its requirements and specificities, that we can make our contribution as a higher education institution. Stimulating the mobility of their students to institutions of another countries, in such a way that they can bring back know-how  to our University, as well as an enriching multicultural experience, not only for their own curricula, but for the University and the City also. Empowering its research centers  in strategic areas, in a way that they can affirm themselves in their scientific areas and attract talented researchers from all over the world. This experience of the University-City is unique, and it has been from starting point that we have been strengthening our position. Living UÉvora is, in fact, for life.


Ana Costa Freitas,

Dean of the University of Évora

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